The Investment

I am so excited for you and the big things you’ve got planned for your wedding, but you know what?

I’m even more excited about creating beautiful print products for you!

A few months after your wedding, you’ll be sitting on your couch snuggled up with your love. As you flip through the pages of your album, all the memories and emotions will come flooding back.  As you walk around your house, you’ll see the prints hanging on your wall every single day, and no matter how short the moment, you’ll remember your special day! 

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."


The best part is you can share all of this with your children and the generations to come, so they can see what you looked like before all the wrinkles! 

That’s what you’re really investing in with your wedding photographer. Someone that will be there to capture the beautiful moments, but also help you remember them throughout the years. 

On average, my couples spend around $4000 with many of them getting photo and video. You can choose from several different collections or I can make you something custom, but I can give you more details when we talk.

"From this moment here, this moment is the moment that you never forget."

-Hunger Games

If you’ve made it this far through my goofiness, you are my type of couple!

Please reach out before someone snatches up your date. Click below to say “Howdy” and check my availability.